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About Us 

K9 Acres LTD is a large purpose built secure dog field facility available for private individual hire. There are two dedicated fields 'Country' and 'Meadow' that can be hired for your private and specific use. We are based in the rural village of Longdon in between the towns of Lichfield and Rugeley in Staffordshire. 

K9 Acres LTD was created out of our passion for animal welfare and our understanding of the needs of some dogs and their owners. We are a small family run business with many years of experience owning rescue dogs. Thankfully many dogs are free to be able to enjoy the beauty and freedom of our countryside. However during employment as a dog walker I was dismayed to find that for numerous reasons many dogs could simply not get the 'off lead' exercise they needed.

Dogs can possess a wide range of issues which prevents freedom in public spaces, and many dog owners can be understandably nervous of the interactions our dogs can have with joggers, cyclists, horses and of course other people's dogs.


Some of our customers simply want a place to help train their puppies, whilst they build the foundations of their dog training by mastering the basic and essential commands. Owners of rescue dogs also often approach us to provide a safe space where they can build mutual trust and confidence, away from distractions and causes of fear and anxiety. 


Drawing on this experience when we started the business in April 2018 we decided this facility should focus on the need of individual owners and their own dog's specific requirements. Hence our approach that our fields should be guaranteed to be private for each of our customers and their own personal needs.

In 'Country' customers can hire the field for as many dogs as they need, whilst in 'Meadow' there is a limit of 6 dogs. You can of course also share the fields with a friend to enjoy together, please note however we do have planning restrictions limiting the number of vehicles (Country 2 Vehicles, Meadow 2 Vehicles)  for the duration of each booking.  (Please see terms and conditions for details).

Privacy, security and relaxation for our customers is the essence of K9 ACRES LTD. We have been providing this facility for over 3 years now and have thoroughly enjoyed witnessing the benefits realised over that time for both our customers and their dogs.  We strive to keep improving our service, and actively listen to our customers. Our aim is to develop the facility to ensure we provide the best quality, safest, affordable and friendly environment we can for all our customers to enjoy. 

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