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What our Customers say

Thank you so much for doing this adventure, you are making doggies very happy, what a lovely business to set up, very well organised, easy to book, and safe and secure. 

Alison Nejad

Just came back from our first visit and we had an amazing time and will definitely come back soon. Our favourite secure field so far. It's hard to find places for reactive dogs and we felt very safe and happy. Very easy to book and and a great fence :-) Thankyou.

Mia Jurkovicova, Jim & Fluffy.

Brilliant ! ...dogs safe..facilities more than I expected. All 3 of my dogs enjoyed the time we had. Plenty of parking, easy to find, well worth it.

Lisa Rollason 


A lot of thought has gone into the set up of K9 Acres to make it a great place to relax with your dog. It was lovely to just walk and play with the dogs, to watch them wander, sniff and run around. Thanks Jo for opening this virtually on my doorstep.

Jackie Salisbury 

Absolutely fantastic, whether you need your dog away from others, need training space, or just want a nice secure place to let them go absolutely nuts and run around, K9 acres is fantastic, clean, and just overall absolutely great fun for dogs and owners.

Michael Bradley

What a great place !! Hadn't been able to let my girl of lead for a long long time due to aggression with other dogs, to see her face when I took the lead of was unforgettable. Highly recommend this place great field, great facilities.

Jane Harrison 

Highly recommend this place, Prims has always been so good off her lead but you never know when other dogs will appear and distract her, so to have this place completely to ourself this morning was amazing. So relaxing knowing they can run free. Also if your circumstances change, health wise or like my lovely Sister, who's heavily pregnant and can't do the walks her and her dog are so used to. We sat and enjoyed a nice sandwich and hadn't a worry knowing they were secure and free to enjoy themselves. Fabulous!

Surell Clarke 

Lovely first time visit today with my 2 Weimaraners and Basset Fauve de Bretagne. I wanted somewhere like this so that my little Hound could have a good run around with the Weims. They all had an absolute blast and he literally ran for the whole 50 minutes chasing birds. Well worth the trip and will definitely be booking again.

Lindsey Evans

Brilliant for nervous, reactive and big dogs! Don't need to worry about the distractions you come across in public and have some quality time training and playing with your pooch! This is our new favourite place! The owner is lovely, & it now makes walks with my nervous boy enjoyable for us both. 

Georgie Cuzick

Excellent location. Everything explained in person by business owner on first visit. Parking great. Secure fencing and gates. Immaculate facilities. And my dogs LOVE every exclusive private minute. Highly recommend it . 

Lisa Fox

K9 Acres has been a god send for my Cyprus rescue and my eplileptic Great Dane.  They can run free without any worries from joggers, people, other dogs and bike riders, its simply heaven. If you have a nervous or reactive dog a good quality secure field is the best place ever. My beautiful deserving and brave dogs can finally run free and I can totally relax as I have no worries with any aspect of this field. Jo's vision in creating this facility has transformed all of our lives, thankyou so much.     

Wendy Kolodynska

When we take our fur kids to the field they absolutely love it!! our skinny greyhound doesn't exactly have recall due to being a rescue so its amazing to see her run in such a secure place. Would be my first choice of recommendation if anyone asked!

Jasmine Katie Windridge

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