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There are two fields available for hire, 'Country' is our original field, and 'Meadow' is our recent addition. Please see Fields pages for full details, and the Gallery for pictures.


You can make a booking and payment  via the online system. Please see Bookings page. New clients should make an 'Introductory Visit' and you will need to sign a copy of our Terms & Conditions. We will then explain how to access the field and review the key terms of use prior to you using the field.


All dogs must have up to date vacinations and worming, have a current dog tag and collar, and a valid Micropchip ID. 


The fence is 6 foot high in both fields and checked twice daily. Please see Gallery for pictures.


K9 Acres Ltd. welcomes all types of dogs to enjoy the facility. Our 'Country' field has no limit on the number of dogs and  'Meadow' has a limit of 6 dogs.


There is a maximum of 2 vehicles for the Country field and a maximum of  2 for Meadow.


You can hire a field on your own or with a friend to give you the private time your dog needs. Please note vehicle limits however. Also any friends attending with you need to sign a copy of our Terms & Conditions.

entry & parking

Entry to Country is by Vehicle only through the Country  large gate. Entry to Meadow is either by foot through the Meadow large gate with your vehicle parked in the 'Meadow Parking' area. Alternatively you can drive through the Meadow Large gate into the field, parking on the small vehicle matting area (Please reverse when exiting if you choose this option).  


Both fields have their own water supply, bowls, poo bags and bins (see current Covid-19 Restrictions in T&Cs). In the summer months paddling pools are also provided. Please note there are no toilets on site.

Trainers & walkers

Dog Trainers and Dog Walkers are welcome to use the field, however we do ask that you contact us before making an appointment, to ensure we have copies of your insurance details.

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