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K9 Acres Ltd has two fields available for hire 'Country' and 'Meadow'. Both fields are secured by 6' fencing throughout their entire perimeter, and each field is checked twice daily for security and cleanliness.

Both fields are based on the same site at our countryside location.


Country is a large field approximately 6 acres in size and surrounded by hedges for most of its area. This is our original field which has been in operation since April 2018, and has been regularly used and enjoyed since that time.

We have found many 'real world' reasons why people need a secure dedicated space like this for their dog(s). We have also tried to incorporate the essential facilities in an attempt to give owners the best experience we can. Given our location is in a prime 'Green Belt' area the field is intentionally simple and natural in design, and we find those aspects are highly valued by our customers.


It is a large expanse of a mainly rectangular shaped field in a countryside surrounding. Country is great for all shapes and sizes of dogs, and over the last two years we have seen most of them, from miniature poodles to Scottish Wolfhounds !

It is especially suitable for large dogs and the very fast 'acre eaters' (e.g Greyhounds, Lurchers, Solukis etc.) who require plenty of space to run and 'open up'. It is also ideal for customers who own maybe a group of dogs. After their visits to Country, many owner often relay to us that their dog(s) sleep very well the same evening! 

Country has recently had 48 young trees planted which will over time will form a small coppice, and has also got a Willow Tunnel for the dogs to run through. There is also a large sandpit which our doggy customers love, and some low jump poles.


 There is also a rain shelter and a picnic bench.

Both fields have their own dedicated water supply, hose and bowls provided for the dog's use, and we also provide poo bins and bags. In the summer months there is also a paddling pool provided to help cool the dogs down.

Access to the field is by vehicle only, via the large gate which allows you to drive your vehicle into the field, close and lock the gate behind you and then, when secure you can simply let your dog(s) out and enjoy the field. 


Country & Meadow Fields 

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K9 Acres Ariel Picture

Building the Country Field 2017

What you now recognise as the K9 Acres Country Field didn't always look as it does today !  Through a whole year of planning, preparation, engagement with the proper formal planning authorities, and a lot of barrows of mud ... we eventually were able to launch the business in April 2018. 

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