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K9 Acres Ltd has two fields available for hire 'Country' and 'Meadow'. Both fields are secured by 6' fencing throughout their entire perimeter, and each field is checked twice daily for security and cleanliness. Both fields are based on the same site at our countryside location. 

Meadow was added to our existing facility in July 2020 and has proved very popular with customers and has its own character. It is a secluded medium sized field (approx. 3 acres). Meadow has a less formal shape and has surfaces which gradually rise and fall across its expanse. Although the smaller of the two fields,  Meadow is still larger than many surrounding dog fields of this type. Consequently it offers a large area for dogs to stretch their legs and enjoy some expansive play, which we feel is essential in a facility of this type.

Both fields have their own dedicated water supply, hose and bowls provided for the dog's use, and we also provide poo bins and bags. In the summer months there is also a paddling pool provided to help cool the dogs down. 

There is a shelter for when there is the inevitable British downpour, and a bench for when the owners need a rest!

Meadow also has a sense of doggy play and a number of natural features  provide sensory stimulus to our canine friends, including a tunnel for the dogs to run through.

Access to the field is either by on foot having first parked in the designated area, or by driving through the field gate (Large Meadow sign attached) onto the small vehicle matting. If you do drive through please reverse through the field gate.  

The design has specifically attempted to consider and address the special needs of the 'Reactive Dogs' who visit us, and we are thankful for the invaluable customer feedback to help us with this. 

As a result within the confines of the entire site we have striven to ensure that the two fields remain as independent and isolated from each other as possible. Hence Meadow and Country are not adjoining at any point, having a sizable initial gap (approx. 5 metres) between them at the entry point to Meadow. This then expands significantly and diagonally as you enter the field proper.


Country is also artificially screened from Meadow near the parking area to further prevent any distractions, and in time will be further isolated by hedges to help with this sense of privacy. Mature trees and hedges in Country then provide more visual screening as the two fields get further apart. 

Finally it is worth noting that our other 'tenants'  (Two Ponies) are visible in the adjoining field from Meadow, whilst they are very used to the dogs who visit please contact us if this is a concern for your dog in any way.  


Country & Meadow Fields 

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Building the Meadow Field 2019

Meadow has been a long time in planning and preparation, and as mentioned above has been carefully designed to ensure more availability will not detract from the experience for our canine friends.


We hope  the addition of our Meadow field will give our customers provide greater access to both fields.


It has provided some unique challenges during the build ..! and we hope after much work and investment also provides a healthy choice for all our customers. 

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